Easter and Spring Party Ideas!


Easter egg Catch-

Collect a set of 12+ plastic Easter eggs in a variety of colors. Place two lines on the ground with masking tape. The older the child the farther apart the lines – if the game is too easy or to hard for the first few children then move the lines farther apart or closer together as needed. The adult Tosser stands on one line with a handful of eggs and the child stands on the other line. Quickly “toss” the eggs at the child they try to catch as many as they can but they have to hold on to all they catch. They keep each egg tossed in their hands as they try to catch more. The tip is for them to figure out how to be creative – they can stick the eggs under their arms or in their t-shirts etc – of course some already caught eggs will drop to the floor as they try to catch more but that’s ok it’s what makes the game fun. 

Items needed: set of plastic Easter eggs, masking tape


Chick Flip-

Using a plastic spoon try to flip fuzzy or plastic chicks into an easter basket. If you want to make this more of a spring game then flick bugs such as butterflies into a flower pot. The older the kids the farther away from the basket/bucket they should stand. Each child is given 5 chicks (bugs) to try to flip into the bucket.   You can give 1 prize away fro each item that makes it, just one prize for playing or 1 for 0-3 items in and 2 for 4-5 items in the bucket.  

Items needed: Plastic or fuzzy chicks and an Easter basket or for the spring version use bugs/butterflies and a flower pot, you’ll need plastic spoons for either version (spoons can break be sure to have extras on hand),


Mosaic Eggs-

This is a good craft item for younger kids. Draw an Egg Shape on a piece of white paper and copy enough plus extras for the class. Or if you don’t have easy access to a copier you can free hand draw a large egg on each sheet. Randomly cut colored paper into little pieces in all types of shapes and sizes. The kids will take the small “mosaic” pieces of colored paper and glue them down until their entire white egg is covered, making a mosaic egg. 

Items needed: White paper with egg drawn on it, colored papers cut into small pieces, glue


Stain Glass Mosaic Eggs-

This version is good for older children as it is a little more difficult to assemble. You will need two pieces of wax paper for each child (plus a few extras for mistakes) cut to approximately 8.5 x 11.  Randomly cut colored tissue paper into little pieces in all types of shapes and sizes. Using a paint brush the kids can then apply clear glues (Elmer’s glue works great) to the center of the wax paper and glue down the tissue, use the paint brush to stick the tissue into the glue. Once they are done putting down all of their pieces back with another piece of wax paper so that the glue and tissue is sandwiched between two pieces of wax paper – be sure there are no air bubbles. Tape the two sheets together. Now take two pieces of construction paper and cut and egg shape from the middle – for younger kids it’s best to precut the egg shape for older kids you might want to supply the paper with the egg shape pre-drawn so that they can cut it out themselves. Be sure that the two pages are cut together so that they match up perfectly creating a window. Place the wax paper art in the center to make a sandwich with the construction paper on the outside – staple the four corners – this will create a stain glass effect –hang in a window and let the light shine through. Items needed: 2 pieces of wax paper precut to 8.5 x 11, Colored Tissue paper cut into small bits, glue, paint brushes, construction paper either pre-cut or pre-drawn with an egg shape on it.

This can also be done in a smaller size for a more delicate look.



Easter Egg Straw Race-

On a table top or desk create a start line and a finish line with masking tape. Line up on the start line different colored plastic Easter eggs. Give each child a straw. At “Go” each child blows through their straw trying to move their egg from the start line to the finish line, the first child across wins. Be sure to use each color of egg only once so it’s easy to tell whose egg it is and be sure to give each player lots of room side to side as the eggs don’t always roll forward which is part of the fun. To make this game more difficult for older children make the race longer.

Items needed: masking tape, plastic Easter eggs, straws

*remember for games using straws be sure to have a new straw for each player and to toss the old straw out when the player is done to avoid spreading germs.


Easter Egg Toss-

This game is similar to a coin toss. Create a stack of easter baskets – you can use text books and boxes to give the baskets different heights. Hang a tag with a point value on the front of each basket. The harder the basket is to reach the more points you get. Give each child a set of 6 eggs. Create a start line with a piece of masking tape. Have each child stand on the start line and toss their eggs one at a time into the basket. You can have different prizes based on how many points a child scores or a different number of tickets if you’re having a redemption table at the end. An alternative to this game is to not have point values give the children a dozen eggs and just count how many they are able to get in to any basket.

Items needed: masking tape, plastic Easter eggs, baskets, books or boxes to stack the baskets on

a great place to find Easter baskets for cheap is both the dollar store and thrift stores.


Beach Ball Golf-

Depending on the age of the children playing you can use a kids play golf club or a real golf club. I’ve used real golf clubs with kids as young as first grade without any problems. Create a “tee spot” by taping down a circle of construction paper. Create “goal posts” to hit the ball through. The older the kids the farther away the posts should be. Goal posts can be easily made with a dowel and a piece of triangular felt glued to the top. Tap the wood dowels into the ground about 3 feet apart from each other and you have a goal to hit the ball through. If you don’t want to make goal posts, or you’re playing on a surface that you can’t stick a dowel into then you can also use chairs or desks, traffic cones etc or any other object set 3 feet apart to create goal posts. For older children you might want to create a set of goal posts to shoot through and have angles between the posts. For younger children we kept it to one set of goal posts and gave tickets based on the number of shots it took them to get the “ball” through the posts. A beach ball or Light weight ball works best for this game – the over sized ball makes it safe and fun. We’ve also played this game using balloons when indoors – which can get really silly as the balloons go where they want to and punching bag balloons which will work outdoors even on grass as long as it’s cool out once the grass heats up they pop instantly.

Items needed: Goal posts – use chairs or props or create your own with dowels and felt, golf club, beach ball (or blown up balloons if inside).

Tip: If you’re not a golfer or don’t want to use your good clubs you can pick up a golf club at a thrift store for about $2-3.

This is a great game to play in the spring time, but it would also be really fun at year end.!


Basket Catch-

Place a chair inside a square of masking tape. Tell each child that they have to stay on the outside of the masking tape square. Give each child playing a small Easter basket have them stand in front of the chair. Have a parent help stand on the chair and drop 2 dozen super balls into the square. The children have to reach over with one hand holding the basket and catch a ball. They cannot use their hands to catch ball only the basket.  Have the kids gather up the balls that went astray and have the parent drop the remaining balls again. Drop the balls a total of 3 times. Whoever “caught” the most balls wins the game.

Tip: look for small Easter baskets at the Dollar Store.

Tip. Super balls are available at the dollar store in bags of 10-12 for $1. They are usually also available in the holiday area at Target at 12 for $2.    If you can find holiday themed or colored balls it’s even better!

Items needed: 24 super balls, 1 Easter basket per child playing, masking tape, chair.


Egg Hunt- Classic

This is definitely a classic. Fill plastic Easter Eggs with candy, stickers and toys and hide either around the classroom or out on a playground or field. Have the children hunt for the eggs.

Tip: The classic version is best for younger kids

Items needed: Plastic Easter eggs, candy, stickers and toys to fill the eggs


A variation on the Egg Hunt!

Divide the class into 2-3 teams. Take all of the Easter eggs and divide them equally into 2-3 piles (one pile per team) hide a set of unique clues for each team. Have the kids look for and figure out the clues as a team group. When they get to the last clue it should lead them to that team’s pile of eggs which can be divided evenly between the kids on the team.

Tip: The version is good for older kids who have outgrown easily scooping up eggs.

Items needed: Plastic Easter eggs, set of clues to hiding places for each team, candy, stickers and toys to fill the eggs


Egg Race-

Divide the kids into teams.  Create a starting line with masking tape or a rope. About 10-15 feet away create a turn around line with masking tape or a rope. Give the first child on each team a spoon with an egg on it. The child holds the egg in the spoon and walks as fast as they can down to the turn around point touches the line and then races back to tag the next person in line who takes the spoon and repeats the race. This continues until the whole team has raced – the first team done wins. If the egg drops and breaks that team has to race back to the start line and get a new egg.

*Variations – to avoid some mess at school you can use hardboiled eggs or plastic Easter eggs. Just make sure any dropped egg means the racer starts over at the start line.

Tip: To make the game harder have the racers carry the spoon in their mouth – if you do it this way have a new spoon for each racer to avoid spreading germs.

Items needed: Eggs- see above to decide what kind of egg you want to use – regardless of type be sure to bring extra, spoons, masking tape or rope.



Bug Races-

Create a start and finish line with masking tape or rope. Race about 5 kids at a time. Have the kids line up on the start line. At “Go” have the kids race to the finish line. The trick is to have them act like bugs as they’re racing, and to change the bug from round to round. For example the first set of racers should crawl like an ant to the finish line, the second should buzz like a bee, the third should float like a butterfly and the fourth should fly like a dragonfly etc. Rotate the bugs as you like, it’s ok to repeat. The first “bug” to the finish line in each race wins.

Items needed: masking tape or rope


Bug Habitats-

Have the kids bring in clean glass or plastic jars or Tupperware’s in advance. Have an adult use scissors or a screwdriver to punch holes in the lid. Have the kids decorate the outside with sharpie pens, stickers, drawings that are glued on, glitter glue etc. Then have the children hunt outdoors to decorate the inside with twigs, leaves, pine cones, rocks, grasses, etc. The kids can hunt for bugs at home to live in their habitat or for very young children you can pass out plastic bugs to live in the homes.

Items needed: Clean jars, pens, stickers, glitter glue to decorate the outside, nature made materials to decorate the inside


Jelly Bean Flavor Guess-

Purchase an assortment of flavored gourmet Jelly Beans. Be sure to buy one for each child in the class plus a couple of extras. Pass out 1 of each bean to each child – have them taste the bean and then write down what they think the flavor is.  The child who guesses the most flavors correctly wins. To make this less complicated for you only buy one bean in each color (for example: 1 green bean, 1 red bean, 1 white bean).

A good prize for this game is a bag of Jelly Beans – you can always make your own by putting a handful in a baggy and tying it with a ribbon.

Items needed: assorted jelly beans, pencil and paper

Tip: You can presort the beans and put sets into baggies ahead of time to make passing them out quicker.

Tip: To make this more fun be sure to include some really odd flavors.

Tip: You can often buy smaller packages of Jelly Belly’s at the Dollar store


Worm Dig-

This activity is based on the classic Halloween spaghetti dig, but instead of monster guts your digging in the worm hole to find treasure. Take a cardboard box with a lid or flaps and cut a hole in the top of the box just big enough for a young hand to fit in. Line the inside of the box with a plastic garbage bag, bring the open edges of the bag up and out of the whole wrapping it down the sides of the box to form a good seal. Decorate the outside to be fun or scary. Fill your box with cooked wet spaghetti (add some oil to the spaghetti to make it more slimy and to keep it from sticking together. Fill the spaghetti with plastic toys that can be rinsed off. Stir everything together. At the party keep the box up high so the kids have to reach in and can’t see in. Invite them to dig in to your box of worm hole to find a treasure. Have a sink on hand or baby wipes for clean up of young hands.

Items needed: box with lid or top, plastic garbage bags, cooked spaghetti, oil, baby wipes, small plastic toys

Tip: the spaghetti can be cooked the night before and kept in the fridge – we’ve kept a dig going for several days by adding a little bit of extra water and oil to the spaghetti as it starts to dry out.

Tip: Cover the outside of your box with a black plastic garbage bag and glue on bugs or silk plants near the opening for an easy way to decorate the box.

Tip: If you box has flaps instead of a top – then seal up the flaps and make this the bottom of the box – be sure to tape it tightly cut your opening out of the solid bottom for better control.



*See Year End Games as a lot of those games would also be fun to play as Spring Time games.

Classic Indicates a “Classic” game.

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